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Paarl: 147 Main Road, Paarl.

Paarl Family Health

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Meet Chandre'


I'm a registered Dietitian of South Africa with a great passion and love for nutrition and health.

I have experience in many fields of Dietetics and Nutrition as well as among many age groups in South Africa.

I have gained experience and worked in KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga as well as Western Cape.

I always give 100% with each client that I consult in the hospital and private setting.



Blogging has become very popular and a great mean of communicating.  I will post recipes and nutrition related topics on an occasional basis to keep my followers updated with relevant information.

Family , Group & One-on-one Nutrition Counseling


I try not to put my services in separate boxes.

Nutrition and health is an-ongoing developing field and I will continue keeping myself updated with new nutrition research and offer services in any aspect of nutrition.

For more information on what services are more common for treating with regards to diet you can read further on "Services" page. 

Upcoming Events

Mind, Mood & Food is presented in collaboration with my colleague, Luc Scheepers

(Clinical Psychologist at Paarl Family Health ) and launches Wednesday 26 February 2020 at 18:00 at my practice in Paarl. The workshop programme will entail a series of group sessions in which participants will be assisted in adopting a healthy food relationship and managing problem eating behaviour. For more information feel free to contact me or alternatively contact Luc through his website.


Upcoming Events