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Meet Chandré

Chandré completed her B.Sc Dietetics and Post graduate Diploma at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.


Following her community service, she started doing locum work for numerous years at various Private practices in South Africa (Midwell Dietitians, M-Bay Dietitians, Vanessa McEwan Dietitian) and Private hospitals in Middelburg, Mossel Bay and Cape Town, where she got involved in many fields of Dietetics namely Sport Dietetics (Bootcamp& Crossfit), Renal Dialysis, Clinical, Consulting, Corporate (Wellness days and Vitality days) just to name a few.

She has a special interest in psychology, sports nutrition, weight and disease management, and advocating mindfulness. She has a passion for writing blogs and nutrition related articles in providing evidence based information on nutritional related topics to her clients. One of her articles on  the vegan diet for post workout recovery  has been published in the online Sports magazine "Go multi". 

In her spare time, she enjoys trying out new restaurants and coffee shops, playing music, running, swimming, being outdoors, and spending time with her loved ones and Jack Russel Terrier.

Meet Nadia

Nadia Cloete is a Cape Town-based Registered Dietitian whom will be available on a part time basis at the practice. She is a creative bubbly person and one can always find her either in a coffee shop, busy hiking in the mountains, traveling or experimenting with new recipes and cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

She has qualified as a Registered Dietitian at the University of Stellenbosch in 2021 and gained valuable experience in a broad scope of nutrition related problems during her community service year at Abraham Esau Hospital.

Her consultations are based on scientifically sound and individualized nutritional advice and recommendations.

Some of her academic interests lie predominantly in child nutrition, weight management, diabetes, allergies, sport nutrition and behavior change. Her approach to wellness is rooted in concepts of body trust, body kindness, intuitive eating, and joyful movement. She believes that health is all about finding a balance -whether it is in your daily routine or on your plate.


She is very excited to form part of Chandre Prangley's Dietitian practice from January 2023.

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