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March 11, 2020

I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”
― Oscar Wilde

This absolutely gripping and memorable quote often makes its appearance in my thoughts when I think or contemplate aspects of emotional eating related topics. It seems so simple not to be at the mercy of our emotions. But then why is it so difficult to combat and beat something like emotional eating. 

We don’t always eat just to satisfy physical hunger. Many of us also turn to food for comfort, stress relief, or to reward ourselves. And when we do, we tend to reach for processed food, sweets indulgences, and other comforting but unhealthy food choices. You might reach for a tub of creamy, velvety ice cream when you’re feeling down, order the cheesiest pizza you can get your hands on if you’re bored or lonely, or swing by the drive-through  after a stressful  and harrowing day at work to get a take away meal. Emotional eating is using food to make yoursel...

December 30, 2019

2020 is within our grasp and a new year always develops various feelings within our core; feelings of hope, excitement and slight anxiety to an extent.  When a New year lurks around the corner it is the perfect opportunity to tune into our selves for a moment and reflect on the year that has passed. Enjoy having moments of stillness to absorb and appreciate all aspects of the year.

An inspiring quote by Robert Browning reads: “how sad and bad and mad it was - but then, how it was sweet” I am a firm believer of reflecting and thinking back on all facets of the year. The good and the bad. After all we tend to gain much more in life by learning from sad, bad and mad experiences.

The new year always holds new opportunities and New Year’s resolutions have come a very long way, if we look back at history. I am not a New year’s resolutions person, (each to its own) however I do like the idea of reflecting on a passed year, identify how I can improve on different aspects of life and try to in ea...

September 11, 2019

I have always heard that Capetonians are extremely conscious about exercise and healthy eating.  And since moving here, I have came to realize that this myth definitely is a reality!

It is quite thrilling to see health stores, cafes and smoothie bars around almost every corner. It definitely shows that healthy food and eating behaviour have come a long way since the dark old days when fast foods became an international hit.

There are so many food and healthy trends doing their rounds, and Cape Town is usually the first place to experiment with food trends; with the rest of the country to follow suit.

Expect to see chefs taking on the challenge of food allergies, a movement towards less wastage and an exploration of using edible flowers and medical mushrooms in dishes.

The drought 2017 in the Western Cape has really hit the industry in a hard way – and there is a big drive towards waterless cooking.

In 2017 we saw a sudden explosion of turmeric in everything! From lattes and flavoured y...

September 9, 2019

With the start of the new season where we see blossoms, hear birds chirping, and feel warmer days on our skin we start to realize that our dietary choices need to be changed ASAP.  We all know the well known statement that “summer bodies are made in winter”, but for some reason every year we let that statement slip until summer is basically in full swing.

So with spring being upon us there are a few tips to follow to just get the mind re-focused again on healthy eating.

* Start planning

By planning it simply means planning all meals and snacks daily to ensure there is no need to buy or eat unhealthy snacks. When meals are prepared beforehand it simply reduces the chance of failing. Time goes hand in hand with planning. There needs to be time set out every day to plan and prepare meals and snacks for the next day or for that same day.

*Make time to go to the shops

In order to have healthy, fresh and appropriate food options available at home there needs to be a day set out each week to go to...

June 27, 2019

Beautiful luscious hair, air-brushed glowing skin and a slim- fit figure in a gorgeous ivory dress are the images women imagine when they picture their “big day”. It is only natural wanting to be the best version of you. Especially on what seems to be the most important day of their life. Women go to great lengths to achieve the bridal look they desire. Being a dietitian my advice to any client is to aspire to a healthy lifestyle and not just a temporary regime to lose a few kilos before the big day.

Ultimately achieving a healthy lifestyle prior to marriage will benefit you so much in the long run. Just think of it for a minute... The healthy routine will rub off on hubby and eventually in the future will help to teach the kiddies to eat healthy. 

Below are a few points to get you on the right track with nutrition for the wedding day.

Golden rule:  Prepare in advance.

The golden rule with weight loss is to do it slow and steady. The best is to give you as much time as possible. 6 months b...

June 30, 2018


Daylight diminishes and chilly days escalate during this particular season.  Some people adore the colder weather, while others despise it.

Winter is the time of the year that provokes different feelings.  Staying warm and snugly in front of a fireplace with delicious and comforting food to indulge in and spoil our senses with are definitely on top of most people’s list. It is also a time when our eating habits tend to change drastically and we start losing our sense of prioritising our body and health in terms of diet and exercise.

Healthy eating is important, not only for weight management, but our overall health as well.  And it appears that as soon as winter strikes - or at least that first cold front - all our motivation and hard work of healthy eating that we built up during the summer months fly out the window.

  This does not only just affect our weight as mentioned, but can also influence our immune system.  And we know that it is quite common to catch flu or a cold when...

June 21, 2018

Until recently, words such as fibre, fruits and soya where often frowned upon in the meaty protein-filled world of professional athletes. But as with everything in life, we often mock or scorn things that we do not know much about, or simply just do not understand.

Vegetarian diets are on the rise worldwide, and perhaps the reasons are linked to the health benefits. With good planning vegan diets are nutritionally adequate and may provide health benefits in the prevention, and treatment, of certain diseases. Evidence indicates that vegans typically have:

  • lower BMIs,

  • a decreased risk of type 2 diabetes,

  • reduced blood cholesterol levels,

  • a reduction in hypertension.

The factors that may improve the health benefits, include a higher intake of fibre, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes, as well a lower intake of saturated fat and sodium.

* There is more to this diet than what meets the eye

It is also very important to know exactly what a vegan diet is – you cannot just e...

November 10, 2017

A coco-nutty aroma, crunchy yet smooth chocolaty indulgence. This does sound exquisite. However it probably is not as healthy, or is it?

As a dietitian I often get exasperated when clients/patients or even acquaintances immediately jump to the conclusion that eating healthy is unexciting, dull and tasteless and also the subject that dietitians only eat salad leaves. This is honestly not the case, with some food knowledge, or when willing to experiment with different healthy ingredients, a masterpiece can be created. And dietitians are also human. We also crave delicious food , eat chocolate and drink wine.

I am not ashamed to admit that I have a sweet tooth. And I have always had one. This definitely was something that I got from my dad as he has the “sweet genes” in our family. Yet he was the person who taught me all about balanced and healthy eating. So the point I am getting to, is the popular, yet over killed statement: “Everything in moderation”.

Let me elaborate on the sweet topic....

July 17, 2017

These days, social media is definitely seen as a platform for aspiration to set goals in terms of diet and exercise. Facebook and Instagram have millions of healthy quotes, pictures, and food ideas that feature every few seconds. And somehow a specific post sparks an interest and we jump on the bandwagon to start eating healthy once again and to start some sort of exercise. Our motivation is extremely high and we get super excited to make healthy lifestyle choices. However, not too long after seeing that sparkly post, we lose track and motivation. And we fall back into our old behaviour of skipping meals, drinking six cups of coffee per day and over-eating at supper time.

So the golden question is …How do we stick to healthy eating and exercising? I am not the world’s expert, however, I do know what works for me and this is something that I find working for a lot of people as well. Forming a habit is the answer, and of course not to focus on too much at once.

By this I specifically...

June 20, 2017

We are often mistaken by many people for being able to change one’s physique over-night (that is being way too optimistic). Of course we wish that we’re able to do that. But unfortunately dietitians aren’t miracle workers and we also do so much more than just helping patients with losing weight.

“Dietitians week” was celebrated last week (12-16 June) and therefore this blog is definitely good timing with celebrating our career and the work we do.

This was a requested blog topic by a good friend whom wanted me to give more detail and information as to what dietitians do. And I appreciated this idea/thought as I know from experience that very few people truly know what we do besides for weight loss in patients.

To make it a little bit more personal I am going to describe what I typically do in my field. I am a clinical/therapeutic (work in a hospital setting) and private practicing dietitian.

There are various fields that Dietitians work in:

  • Community based (nutrition promotion in the com...

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